Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome... but shouldn't you be writing?

I'll keep it short so you can get back to meeting your word count.

One of my local region nano buddies directed me to a great article about removing Internet noise so we can actually write. I'm tempted to give up blogging this month, except that I think blogging helps my writing rather than hinders it--but so much else hinders it. Here's my favorite quote from the article:

"The hounds are out this month, guys, and they smell your fear and self-doubt. So, shovelbloggers will be offering you a tantalizing Vegas-style buffet of endless writing “help” that will range from the indispensable to the stupid to the unconscionably poisonous."

Now, here are various ridiculous reasons I've put off writing in the past:
  • I need a new laptop.
  • What’s the point of revising before my thesaurus arrives?
  • I will write when everyone is silent.
  • No one’s writing anything until this house is cleaned.
  • Has anyone seen my muse?
I am giving up excuses for the month of November. What are you giving up to make sure your writing gets done?


  1. Um, I shouldn't be reading this because technically I'm only blogging and reading blogs once a week (but I need a little break every 500 words!)

  2. Natalie:I'm with you. I've met the 'official' word count of the day-so decided to catch up on blogs. LOL

    Marie: My biggest problem has always been to continually re-read, revise, edit, hem and haw over my manuscripts. Often to the extent that I would get sick of reading them. Not good. So, I've given that up. I've set rewards for myself every time I meet my goal. And as I type along meeting it. Well, I reward myself a lot. LOL
    But yes, I think excuses is the biggest thing I'm giving up too!

  3. I planned out a set of blog posts for the month (except for the times I'm out of town and will just be absent). I didn't actually write them, but outlined ideas for each one so that I won't be spending too much time trying to think of something to say on my blog. Like you, I couldn't give up the blog all month because I think it actually improves my writing and my focus. It keeps me connected to other writers and their journey, which I love.

    Oh, and I'm *loving* Nano so far. Goodbye funk, hello writing. Yay!

  4. I agree that there are a TON of internet distractions out there. But you've got to treat those distractions like you treat a desert. It's ok to have some, but only in small, infrequent portions.
    PLUS I always give myself a cut off time. For example, my cut off today is 10:30am. I have three minutes left to check out the blogging world and then I'm OUT.

  5. I should be writing. Instead I'm blogging and thinking I should crawl back in bed so this cold/flu can continue to kick my butt.

  6. Nat - A break every 500 words is fair. Back when I smoked, I used my next cigarette as a reward for meeting word count goals.

    Kristi - My prime writing time is in the morning. If I want to hem, haw, and revise, I do that at night. I have revised to the point of becoming sick of a story too, so I have to limit my revising.

    Megan - Wow. You're a planner! I started writing blog posts the night before instead of in the morning. Morning is Nano time. And I love Nano too. I feel much less funky--but in a good way.

    Anita - I have a hard time limiting my blog-reading. I used to have a magazine addiction. I spent way too much money on magazines, so I subscribed to 3 and that's all I was allowed to read. Now, I think I may have gotten accidentally addicted to blogs. Can you imagine reading only 3 blogs? I can't! I'd die. I'd literally die.

    Karen - Go back to bed! I took Sunday off to re-coup and you're way sicker than I was!

  7. I'm giving up NaNoWriMo to make sure I concentrate on my novel, that's whatI'm giving up! :)
    Honestly between Failblog, Twitter, watching DJ Hero mashups on You Tube, and playing Bejeweled on facebook, I don't need any more distractions.

  8. Lol your old excuses are priceless! :D