Thursday, July 23, 2009

From: Strange Angels

Today, I leave you in the capable hands of writer Lili St. Crow. Her new paranormal YA novel Strange Angels is not my usual cup of tea, but I'm riveted. Main character Dru is my kind of main character: dark humor/survival instinct/heart of gold.

Here's Dru's thoughts on a particularly stressful evening in the novel:
I felt a million miles away from them. Normal goddamn teenagers, acting like idiots in front of a fast-food place. The dark jock put his arms around one of the girls and picked her up. She shrieked with laughter, the sound as bright as new spilled pennies. Her shirt rode up, showing the supple curve of her back. It was snowing outside and there was a zombie dead in my living room, and here this girl was, dressed like a hooker and laughing.
By the way, that's not Dru on the cover. Dru has messy, curly hair like me, so that can't be her.


  1. Haha the last sentence in the excerpt is fantastic. I love reading this type of writing style.

  2. Nice. I like it already. :) They should have just used your pic for the cover.