Thursday, July 16, 2009

Best Blogs Forever

Well, it's official. I think I have a new favorite writing blog.


  1. I am pleased that you enjoyed the Unpublished Guy blog. Visit often and don't be afraid to comment.

    Incidentally, I read The Time Traveler's Wife a few years ago and recall that it was quite good.

  2. Kurt (aka Unpublished Guy),

    I was afraid to comment because I wasn't sure if your blog was earnest or an existential statement about narcissism and writing. Now that I know you're an actual unpublished guy, I will be sure to comment.

    Incidentally, now that you have a title, you have to get going on that novel. July is almost over!

    I am so happy you're a real unpublished guy and not just a Web site designer with an outside-the-box way of job-seeking. Hope to see you here again!

  3. Well to be honest, you could say it is both an earnest effort by an unpublished guy and an existential statement about *his* narcissism and writing.

    I am not a web site designer. (Too bad, the blog would look much better if I were.) I wouldn't expect to get a job with this web site; however, I do have advertising, so I wouldn't say that I my motive was purely artistic either.

    A bit of a chimera, actually.

    (I expect to update the novel writing word count in the next day or so.)

  4. Kurt,

    I re-read your about page and Googled CMO (Sorry, I'm occasionally clueless), and now I see you're a marketing guy.

    Coincidentally, I just became a marketing girl. I'm still in the writing/publishing industry, but now I get the added bonus of selling.

    Do you have a sales/marketing blog too? Want to recommend some?