Monday, February 1, 2010

You Say It's My Birthday?

Over the weekend, Booknapped turned 1 year old!

I reminisced by looking over my first few posts. It's sort of like scanning a first draft when you're a few hundred pages into your manuscript. I had an idea of what I wanted to do here at Booknapped, but I really wasn't sure. You can sense that I'm blogging blindly, screaming into a megaphone and hoping somebody hears, and more importantly, listens.

So reader peeps, thanks so, so much for listening. I hope you find a book, a poem, a song you never heard before and that you LOVE. I hope it latches onto your brain like an ear worm and hypnotizes you until you forge to your independent book store for an inspired purchase.

Also, if you've been thinking about blogging, but telling yourself you don't have time, creativity, or a host of other qualities you think you need, stop bitching and start a revolution.


  1. Happy Birthday and it was great seeing you again over the weekend! Wish we'd hung out more, so you have to come to the April conference!! :-)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I forgot we were supposed to have a bday drink in NYC. Dang it. Well, consider our wine at Across-The-Street-Cafe a birthday drink. :)

  3. Happy blog birthday! Thanks for all the inspiring words. (see, I never know what to write in the comments! :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Marie's Blog. How cool that you are now a whole year old. You have already accomplished so much in your infancy.

    Here's to many many more years.