Thursday, February 4, 2010

Now Showing: My Indecisive Side

I poster-napped this one from a library supply company. Sometimes I contemplate going back to school for an MLS so I can live the crazy life of a librarian. I've also considered enrolling in med school (after I finished editing a book on Emergency Medical Services), or just being boring and getting a PhD in literature. Just wondering--if money and time were no issue, what crazy direction would you take your life in?


  1. I think I'd kind of enjoy med school too. And I think it would be fun to get a degree in art history and be a museum curator or something. And I'd love to be an opera singer (only I don't think I have that kind of voice). But maybe I'll just write about those things instead. :)

  2. I've just given you a Superior Scribbler Award ...

  3. I have always loved learning, it could be about knitting, oil changing, or football calls. mostly i love medicine and read journal articles meant for those in the prefession even though i have to pretend i know what they say. in essence i would just go back to school and finish degree after degree until i found 1 i wanted to work at part time while i raise my future perfect family, continued singing, learning that damn guitar and looking for more schooling. oh, and i would go out to eat at thai thai every week.