Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Found: Old Stuff

After attending the SCBWI writers retreat this weekend, I am now subscribed to 1 million blogs. Today, Roger Sutton over at Read Roger posted this quote from a 1943 book about kids and reading:

"Girls, like boys, are seeking life, but in a different way. They need some so-called boys' books with moving plots and an adventurous hero to take them out of themselves and to keep them from becoming too introspective; for the opposite reason boys need some of the so-called girls' books, for their suggestions of self-analysis and wholesome sentiment."

You can read more on his blog.


  1. Want to hear more about the Writers Conference? Did you meet up with any agents or pitch your novel? I'm not sure how close your novel is to being pitch-able. And/or, can I read your novel, even if I don't really have anything to trade you for it?

  2. Steve,

    Of course you can read it! With the comments I got from the conference, I am in the middle of a revision. Give me a couple of weeks, and I will send you the revised ms.

    I met some agents, but I didn't do any pitching. I'm not there yet. I met an awesome YA writer named Lara Zeises (www.zeisgeist.com). She was definitely my favorite.

    Thanks for checking in-