Saturday, April 3, 2010

From: "Thumbing My Way"

"No matter how cold the winter,
there's a springtime ahead."

Pearl Jam


  1. When the New Year turned, I decided to declutter my life (and my closets), seek more clarity and waste less time on indulgent Internet activities when I could be living my own dreams. I unsubscribed from everything except my two favorite blogs, Booknapped and Zebra Sounds.

    I just wanted to pop in and thank you for many moments of pleasure and insight, as well as creative inspiration. I'm a lurker—I read your posts by email and never get time to come join the discussions—but I'm definitely a fan.

    Today I played this Pearl Jam song (that I had saved in a special folder where I keep stuff for lunch time reading) and felt the urge to connect with you and say THANKS! I love the ripples you send out into the world with your blog. And I relish your writing style and the way you think. :~)

  2. Inspiration from Pearl Jam. I must tell my husband - he hates Pearl Jam. (I like them, myself.)