Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Found: People Braver Than Me

The coolest people in the world post their naked pictures at Bookworms with Ink. My picture will probably never be posted there because I change my mind too much and I dislike pain. Like a lot.

So here is my question for you: If you were going to get a literary tattoo, what would it be?


  1. Oh, I couldn't do it either, pain and permanence make the thought of a tattoo scary to me. I really can't think of any quote (however beautiful and meaningful) that I would want with me always. I think that makes me very unsentimental :(

  2. I've never understood tatoos. Since I don't like the same dress ten years from now there's no way I'm going to like the same tatoo.

    Plus I can never make a decision.

  3. Nice. I'm big on quotes but don't think I'd ever tattoo one on me. When I was little I taped up a bunch of quotes in my room. My dad yelled at me for ruining the walls. His words were "don't stick crap all over you walls anymore."
    So I didn't.
    I made a collage of quotes on my closet door. My mom kept that door forever, and looking back I read some of the stuff and smile at what I a dork I was (an am.) My dad learned to word his rules more carefully. ;)

  4. I'm also a pain wimp, plus I don't align with the permanency side of a tattoo either.

    (What if I decided to be a long-haired great-grandma on a Harley and give up my creative values?)

    But, there's a secret method I just Webnapped from the collective unconscious about how to be pain-free and also have my ultimate quote--the one I've lived by for the past ten years. (“Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein) I'll have a photo taken of my best body part--I'll be 50 in January so there's a challenge for you--and then Photoshop the quote onto my skin.

    (Actually, I'd used ImageReady. But "Photoshop a quote" sounds so much more Internet savvy ;~D

  5. OK, so it's not very literary, but I always liked the saying, "I know I'm somebody 'cause God don't make no junk." My form of an ego booster!