Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Steps

"What has been spoiled through man's fault can be made good again through man's work."

I Ching


  1. Thank you for this baby step. It was so good I Tweeted it, with a link to Booknapped.

    (Hope it's OK to nap from the booknapper :~)

    Sending you good thoughts for having the happiest baby on the block.

  2. Marie! You're back. Missed you. Of course, I've seen the baby pics on facebook. Congrats. She's adorable.

    Hope you and baby are doing well. I love that you're currently reading The Happiest Baby On The Block. We sell tons of that in the bookstore, so it must work. Here's to sleeping through the night. It will happen. Believe me. It just SEEMS like forever.

  3. Wow. Last post in August. We can tell you've been busy. ;)

    Glad to see you back. Now get to work! xo