Monday, October 26, 2009

From: Tricks

They Call Vegas

Sin City, like calling it what it is
somehow legitimizes the name.
Las Vegas is Sin City. Whole lot

of sinning going on, from fancy
high-rise casino rooms to sleazy
well-off-the-strip motel dives.

People come here specifically
to sin. But I wonder whether
it's really true that "what happens

in Vegas stays in Vegas."
People stain themselves here.
I bet, no matter how hard they

scrub themselves after sinning,
when they go home, a certain
amount of stain remains visible.

Then, I guess, it's up to the spouse
or significant other to recognize
the meaning of that dark splotch

ghosting beneath the bleach.
Most of 'em probably don't want
to look. Don't want to know.

Ellen Hopkins


  1. I still have such a hard time reading Ellen Hopkins, even in short excerpts like this. I think it makes me stop and read so slow that it frustrates me. Don't get me wrong though, she's a fabulous writer!

  2. That is fabulous. A very interesting and effective contrast to the perceived glitter and glamour of Las Vegas.

    I want to go to Vegas, just once, to see what it's like. It's on my "must-see" list of the world. :D

  3. I like the imagery of the stain. It reminds me of Macbeth.

  4. Oooh how dirty. lol. I haven't read any Ellen yet but I will now. I kinda dig her style. :)

  5. This is good, interesting.

    As a person born and raised here and now living here again, birthing & raising my own children here, by choice, on purpose, with reason, it is fascinating how the rest of the world views my home, my city.

    I have written about LV on my blog, and will, after reading this, probably return to write more about it...