Thursday, March 5, 2009

From: Stoner & Spaz

"So you're going to make movies someday?"
"I'm going to major in business. Starting at Stanford."
"That's bullshit. You should make movies if you want to make movies."
"I never said I wanted to."
"But you do?"
"I owe my grandma a lot. She takes really good care of me."
"And you're easy to take care of, right? No drugs, no tats, all A's, and you brush after every meal."
"And she likes having you around. You're good company."
"I guess."
"So you're even; your turn to do what you want."
"I'll bet she doesn't think so."
"Yeah, well, tough shit for Grandma."

Stoner & Spaz
Ron Koertge

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